Folks are asking about the times and schedule for Podcamp East.  We’ve posted the speakers and sessions, and we’re working on logistics right now to make sure everyone is presenting at the time they need to, and we have a space for everyone who has signed up to present.

Please note this schedule is a general outline and is preliminary at the moment,

as we work with folks to get their sessions firmed up and with 

a possible special guest for Saturday morning.


 Saturday Schedule

Registration opens at 8 AM at Del Tech (Firm)

Opening Podcamp  (8:45 AM- subject to some tweeking- may be 9 AM)

Sessions will follow on hour or half hour

Lunch: 12 or 12:30 to 1 or 1:30 depending on Opening Tweeks

Afternoon sessions start after lunch

Sessions finish by 4:45 followed by Saturday close

Saturday night Party- Ignite Wilmington 7, Grand Opera House

Presentations being at 7:30

Ticket for Ignite- $10

Ticket for Buffet dinner option -$20 starts at 5:30-6pm

Sunday Schedule

Sessions start 9:30 or 10

Lunch- 12 or 12:30

Afternoon sessions follow lunch hour

Wrap up, Door prizes, etc. 4pm at latest