We’ll be putting together a guide for Podcamp east shortly, including everything from the “itinerary”, places to grab coffee and/or lunch, to sessions, to What to do In and Around Wilmington during your stay. (Don’t forget to check out VisitWilmington.Com for more information on that as well.)

After having a great walk-through of the facility yesterday with the folks from Delaware Tech, I know we’re going to have a great event- they could not be nicer, and are working hard to make sure everyone has a good time and the wifi is good. (Every tech conference I have ever been to- even the big guys in NYC- has had the wifi slow down due to the number of people accessing it at any one time, so we’ll say it now and at the event- be polite.  Don’t stream live video, so speakers have a chance to get wifi for their presentations, and share, but don’t over-share, so others can use it, too.  That way, we’ll all be happy )

I annotated a Mapquest Map below, so you can see how close the Conference center is to the hotel, Amtrak, Parking, and The Grand Opera House, where Ignite Wilmington, our evening event, will be held.  You will need to get tickets for Ignite Wilmington, and if you want to speak, that has a separate sign up as well on the Ignite site.  We are working on a buffet style dinner option at The Grand Opera House before Ignite starts, available for an additional charge to just cover the costs, making it a nice option for those wanting to sit, eat and not feel rushed.

You need to make reservations for this buffet by calling The Grand box office directly- (800) 37-GRAND or 302.652-5577

In addition, please note that the Grand does sell beverages, alcohol and snack type items that are allowed in the auditorium, making it a casual, fun night for everyone.

If you have any questions, please email us at and we’ll do our best to get you the information you need.