We’re in the process of finalizing the schedule and pinning down presenters for their topics, so this is not complete, but it will give you an idea of the confirmed sessions and what you can learn at Podcamp East. A final schedule with times will be released shortly.   The PDF version of the guide has sessions listed topically.  You can download the PDF of the guide here: the 2012 Podcamp East “First Glance” Session Guide

Here on the website, we’ve listed sessions in a more ad hoc order, to give you a better sense of the variety of sessions available, and what you can learn, especially since many sessions may cover multiple topics and don’t always fit nicely into one subject area alone.

Content Distribution via Mobile Apps and Newsstand  Drew Griffin
Learn to distribute your content (Blog, Podcast, Videos) through Mobile Apps and Digital Magazines Apple’s Newsstand. 67 Million iPads sold and counting. Learn how to leverage Apple’s App Store and Newsstand to distribute your created and curated content. Attendees will also learn to build a list of subscribers and a potential new source of revenue from App and Digital Magazine downloads, in app purchases, advertising, and joint venture opportunities. Lastly, we will discuss important Marketing considerations.

Bridging the Generations- The Secret to Making Your Projects Successful  Jonathan Bloom
We, Jonathan and David Bloom, are a father and son who have a multi-generational approach that we feel can be an amazing asset to successful projects. We speak different “languages”, we have different skills, knowledge bases, and perspectives that create a great teaching and learning environment where we learn from each other. The overall products we produce benefit from this synergy.

Digital Platforms and Politics - Senator Chris Coons
The Internet has transformed the way candidates engage with voters and how elected officials serve their constituents. It has also fundamentally changed the way Americans get news and consume information, and not always for the better. U.S. Senator Chris Coons will share his perspective on how digital platforms have changed political communications, and discuss the opportunities and responsibilities facing content creators in the digital age.

This Was Supposed to be The Future  Howard Yermish
How the internet and media are changing how humans work, live and play together

Google+ Basics   Jeffrey Salvitti and the G+ team

Curious about what Google+ is, what it has to offer, and where it’s going? This session offers insight into why Google+ isn’t merely a social media destination, but is a social layer enhancing all the Google products you use everyday. Google representatives will be on hand to explore some of Google+’s unique features and tools that can make the web work better for you.

How to Produce an Awesome Hangout: Promotion, Production, Presentation Jeffrey Salvitti and the G+ team

This session will cover the promotion, production and presentation of Hangouts, one of Google+’s most exciting and unique tools. Hangouts are a multiperson video chat tools with amazing features such as live broadcasting, screen-sharing, document collaboration, and much more. The folks from Google will be sharing expert tips and tricks to help you utilize Hangouts to their fullest potential. Communicating on the web has never been so exciting.

Using Social Media Analytics to Increase Leads and Sales  Paul Mosenson

Everybody wants more leads and sales, but a proper plan and conversion architecture are needed to optimize websites and landing pages.  Join our discussion of social media analytics and presentation of various levels of metrics, tools/platforms that help manage SM., digital media and conversions, paid search, landing page optimization, and retargeting.

Connecting With Your Podcast Listeners on an Intimate Level  Rob Usdin
In this session we’ll address how your show elements work for and against you when trying to connect with your listener, talk about production,  and the psychological effects of different ways of speaking.  We will take lessons from radio broadcasting and apply them to podcasting.

Social Media Influence- What is it, Using it, and How to Know if it’s Working  Chris Penn

We’ll discuss social media influence, exploring the three levels of influence, methods for creating it, and how to evaluate your efforts.

Networking 2.0: Best of Both Worlds: How to Best Combine On and Offline Networking   Joselin Mane

Navigating the SaaS world for your own business – CRM, PMS, oh my!  Amy Larrimore
Let’s face it – if you want to be competitive, you need a lean, mean operating machine. You need to get leads in, close them, get your documents in order, get paid, get to work and get on to the next referral. Technology can help you do that – but only when it’s appropriate for your process, your data and your infrastructure.
Takeaways – how to select good software to run your business effectively, why integration is critical and why you should stop recommending web tools to clients. During the class we’ll put together an entire system for one lucky case study in the audience.

Standing for Something: The Five reasons why you (and your business) exist are more important than what you do or how you do it.  Helena Bouchez
Unless you stand for something important to the health and well being of your client’s business (or you’re the only person who does what you do) , it’s tough to grab and maintain a place in your prospect’s psyche. In this session, you will learn how finding and focusing on your raison d’etre can energize your content creation efforts and spur successful sales conversations and capture the attention of your audience.  Examples of this strategy in action (clients and non-clients) will be given.

Social Media for Small Business – Where Do I Begin?  Don Lafferty

How Podcasting Helped Me Through My Wife’s Cancer Diagnosis  Michael J. Carrasquillo
This session will cover the reason why I started my podcast, Rock’n The Mike—during my wife’s cancer fight, what I’ve learned about people (guests), my wife, creating media,  and myself. I will share mistakes, risks, and challenges.   A brief Q & A will follow.

Installing WordPress on Your Own Computer   Reed Gustow
With WordPress installed on your computer (a ‘local install’), only you can see your site as you work on it. You won’t need an internet connection to work on your site, and you won’t be paying for a hosting service until you actually need one. A great way to get started at no cost! No code knowledge needed.

WordPress from the ground up – Creating Content  Reed Gustow
Learn the key features and options of this powerful blogging and website creation program to get started creating blog posts and website pages. No code knowledge needed!

WordPress from the ground up – Themes, Plugins, and Administering Your Site  Reed Gustow
This session covers what you need to configure, customize and control your site or blog: users, settings, commenting, themes, and plugins. No code knowledge needed.

Child Themes and Customizing WordPress  Reed Gustow
Do you mostly like the way your site looks, but want to add something your theme options don’t offer? A child theme is what you need to customize your site’s navigation, header, footer and so on. This is an intermediate level session with a little bit of coding. HTML and CSS knowledge (not expert level) needed to apply the techniques, but you’ll get the general idea without it.

Keeping it Real: Reputation Management in the Internet Age –  Shannon Wilkinson
Online reputation management entails expanding and monitoring the publicly available online information about an individual or organization. The Internet’s unregulated and decentralized flow of information has made online reputation management (ORM) essential for nearly everyone. Current issues in ORM – from ethics and SEO strategies to the roles of authenticity and branding – will be discussed by this specialist in the field.

Simple OODA: A framework for practicing experiential marketing- Critt Jarvis

Absent a methodology and practice, marketing tactics can become just so much noise on a crowded street. Strategically, a simple plan to guide your actions will help identify your market’s influencers and their message, create opportunities for consumer experience, and source new content– the king of marketing. You can go to U.S. Marine Corp Recruit Training boot camp and  learn OODA. Or you can come to PodCamp East and learn Simple OODA. It’s your choice, but I think the unconference way might be more fun:)

Going beyond Consulting- Whitney Hoffman- Panel Discussion with Gloria Bell, CC Chapman, Jenni Brand and more
Many people, who have been working in and with social media for years, have grown speaking and consulting businesses, but their expertise and experience, and how to compare it to other folks in the space is not clear.  In this session, we’ll have a discussion about how we can start solving this problem- How can we make our skills and expertise apparent, and how can we efficiently find others with complementary skills sets to build a referral base and network- An Internet Guild of sorts, to meet the variety of needs faced by clients, on a continuous or even ad hoc basis.

7 Steps to Going Global with Your Event: Driving Engagement through Digital Channels  Kirsten Mucha

Digital channels are essential tools for promoting just about anything, but it can take a lot of planning and coordination to get the most bang for your buck. This session will look at 7 steps for managing multiple channels before, during and after a live event, including practical tips that can be applied to announcements and activities of any size. A case study will feature the use of websites, social media, video streaming and other tactics to drive engagement and results.

Battledecks Alan Chaess and The Podcamp East Team
Try you hand at improving your presentation skills. You are given a random topic, 20 random slides, and 20 seconds per slide. Can you present an idea off the cuff? come and find out! It’s fun, it’s challenging and it’s a Podcamp Philly/East tradition!

Audacity Alan Chaess
IT’s an amazing free audio editing tool. It’s powerful, capable, available on Windows, Linux and MacOS …and a popular tool among podcasters. See a demonstration, learn how to use the tool and more!

Podcast Workflow: How to get it done when you’re already over extended James Reazor

We will cover tools and techniques for preparing an audio file to be posted as a podcast with a minimum investment in time. I will walk through my workflow as an example of how it can be done. All participants will be encouraged to ask questions and offer suggestions. This is intended to be an interactive, collaborative session.

Put the Fun (and ROI) Back In Your Content Marketing  Hunter Boyle

Feeling constrained by your campaigns? Creative juices a bit stagnant lately? Let’s inject some fun and flavor back into your content marketing campaigns. We’ll explore several fun, clever, creative campaigns that worked (and a few that didn’t). You’ll come way with ideas and inspiration you can put to work right away on Monday.

How Farmers and Ranchers are using Social Media to Change People’s Perceptions of Food.  John Blue
Farmers and ranchers use social media? Why? Less than 2% of Americans are involved in farming as a business. Yet everyone eats. Farmers and ranchers realize that the gap in agricultural understanding can and will cause distrust and friction in the food ecosystem. Using social media is one of the most effective ways to elevate farming’s voice to help change perceptions about food and how it is grown.
In this session you will learn about how social media platforms are being used, what agriculture organizations are being formed to help teach social media, and why it is important for farmers and ranchers to participate in agricultural focused social media conferences.

Tax Strategies for Solopreneurs: How to Keep More of What you Earn!  Rob Brand

“Art of the Digital Sale; Top 5 Paths to Online Profit” Mel Taylor
Even the biggest sites with the coolest content will fail without a half-decent path to profitability. In this session, Internet sales veteran; Mel Taylor, counts down the 5 most common tactics to attract sponsors, grow revenue and reach digital profitability.

If you let the internet name your product, you might have a bad time.  Braden Young

Mt. Dew had recently partnered with a Nationwide restaurant chain to ask Internet users for assistance in giving its new green-apple-infused beverage a name by launching a viral contest called “Dub the Dew.”
Internet pranksters had hijacked the soda naming contest by submitting a handful of tasteless suggestions, such as “diabeetus,” “gushing granny,” and “fapple.”
Our client is the restaurant chain that partnered with Mt. Dew and we were tasked with creating and facilitating the contest. My presentation will talk about creating the crowdsourced contest and the subsequent disaster that followed from the media.
I hope that people will learn from this talk about how to monitor their web presences and what to do when things go beyond their control.

– Write for Passion, Not Key Words –  Liz Henry
Sure, we know that key words work, but what about passion? With the almost constant changes in how Google ranks content, there is nothing more sure than passion. Passion translates into cold, hard shares creating exposure for small bloggers, conversions for products, and buzz for small businesses. In today’s ROI-obsessed social marketing culture, there’s still a place – a huge one – for getting other people excited about what your passionate about.
I’ll walk attendees through how I gained 10x the amount of traffic in three months by writing about topics that I knew 50% of people would disagree with and how I had a large, corporate brand take notice. What it bottles down to: passion still matters. And so does writing.

Google+ for Entrepreneurs  Lynette Young
Your day is busy. Your time is limited. Your budet is even smaller. Come “Hangout” with Lynette to find real actionable ways to work Google+ into your business. This session will help you discover why Google+ isn’t just a social network, but a vital piece of online digital publishing and marketing to get you noticed FAST.

Google+ Bells & Whistles  Lynette Young
So you’ve tried Google+ – so what & now what? In this session we will demystify the tools within Google and Google+ that will allow you to become a true multimedia content producer. Hangouts, Hangout on Air / YouTube Live, Events and Party Mode will be covered.

Breaking the 4th wall and Changing the World  Dresden Shumaker
I started blogging for very selfish reasons. I had things to say and I hoped people would listen to them. A few years into blogging I began sharing other parts of my life online and I discovered community. I also discovered that by helping other people share their voice I was able to heal and help others heal.
In this session let’s talk about the ways that we can share 1st person stories to break down the 4th wall. How can you encourage dialogue? Where do these stories fit within your site? Is video a way for you to tell your story?

Stop Giving Away Your Content To Social Networks: Get A Blog & Own It  Cecily Kellog

Talking about why, in a sea of social networks, your blog is still the best place to put your best work. Unlike other sites that neither save, allow you to export, or even actually own your content, a blog is still a place that is yours and yours alone.

Online Brand Audit  Julie Pron
Take a look at your website (and a few others) and evaluate your brand and your brand’s image. Attendees will receive a checklist of “must haves” for their website to be successful online. Great for websites, blogs and newsletters.

Getting your non-profit of social good message out there via social media. Lisa Lightener
How to make the case for and get everyone in your organization get on board with social media.   How to present “why it matters” to people in your group who are not supportive, do not see the value of it.  How to make it mature and professional, use it as a selling tool, brand recognition. Includes tweetreach reports and how to measure effectiveness of outreach.

Quality versus Quantity: Building a Valuable Audience  Kelly Whalen

For many brands and businesses it’s all about the numbers. How many likes do we have? How many followers does our competitor have? Some brands even buy followers. But, we’re reaching a stage in social media where it’s not all about the numbers. In this session you’ll learn about quality versus quantity, how to find true fans and keep them, and get a detailed action list to help grow a valuable fan base.

Non-profit Blogger Outreach and Social Media Management Debbie Bookstaber

Are you hoping to work with bloggers to raise awareness and expand your reach; but don’t how to find and engage them or fit them into your strategy? I will will discuss my experience planning effective blogger outreach and social media campaigns for a variety of nonprofits, and I will share case studies of integrated campaigns in the for-profit industry and provide tips on how to utilize these techniques for your nonprofit.

Links as Language: How Hyperlinks Are Changing the Way We Read & Write
David Dylan Thomas

They’re the most basic technology on the web, but we underestimate just how much links are changing the way we read and write. Links give writers a way to play with reader expectations and give readers a way to turn the act of reading into a form of gameplay.  We’ll discuss how links actually create meaning, how to use them as an artful writing tool, and how all of this is changing the very nature of knowledge in the 21st century.

Cultivating Zombies or Activating Community: Non-Profits Challenges Competing in the Social Media World. Mila Araujo

The opportunity for non-profits in the social space is huge. We have seen numerous organizations get on board and have tremendous success. Yet, of the same token, many fail because they simply do not take the chance in exploring social media. Based on my experiences with the Aviva Community Fund in Canada, and having directed non-profit events pre-social media. I will present some of the challenges and ideas that non-profits can take away to start making a difference now. I will also address, if of interest the important attributes of an organization itself – to be successful in social media, and to enable a social media professional to do their job – not just the job the “uneducated” business will demand of them. This is a huge challenge, frustration and issue for social professionals taking positions with organizations. This could be a discussion topic.

Designing for eCommerce: More than just an “Add to Cart” Button. Mike Gadsby

Building an online store that looks nice is easy; designing a well-crafted experience from start to finish is a larger task. In this session we’ll discuss different ways to increase conversions on your online store, and the reasons behind the unique design choices that have to be made. Beyond that we will show you how to build trust between your site and its visitors to create an entire experience that is crafted to not only turn users into customers but to keep them coming back!

What Happened To The Passion?  CC Chapman
It seems that today everyone is focusing on gaining attention instead of doing something they love. This session will look back at where we’ve been and where I think we need to go

Picking an eCommerce platform: The Basics  Keith McGinnis
Whether you are picking an eCommerce platform for the first time, or migrating to a new system, this topic is for you. We’ll discuss how you can identify your own needs and match up with the right platform rather than the other way around. The talk will take into consideration your design, func
tionality, integration, customization, product management, and fulfillment needs to name a few. Truly understanding your needs is the key to making the correct long term choice.

I Wanna Go Fast!  Keith McGinnis
Everyone now knows page load speed impact SEO ranking. Not to mention conversions, time on site and abandonment. In this session we’ll discuss solutions for speed problems from end-to-end. We’ll cover DNS, site hosting, web server tweaks, DB tweaks, accelerating PHP, multiple levels of caching, employing a CDN, and some tools to see how you are doing.

Marketing in the Round – Integrating Social and Mobile into Overall Communications  Geoff Livingston

Stop doing that!  A Guide to the Worst Online Behaviors.  Jeff Gibbard

Scooping the Networks or how to be an entrepreneur in News reporting. Benjamin Barnett

Gear Cast- What you Need to get Started Podcasting  Whitney Hoffman
Always thought podcasting (audio and/or video) seemed like fun, but weren’t sure how to get started?  Whitney has been podcasting for well over 6 years for herself and for clients, and will show you how to get started, how to save money, and where you should invest to ensure good production quality you’ll be proud of.  Questions welcomed- come get yours answered!

Winning Presentations for Raising Capital  Valerie Gaydos
There are different types of presentations for different audiences. Knowing how to communicate your presentation effectively on all levels, ranging from the verbal to the written presentation, is vital to funding success. Let Valerie Gaydos, President and CEO of Capital Growth, Inc., teach you how to prepare your company to compete for angel investor dollars most effectively and efficiently.

One Web Through Responsive Design. Brian Crumley
The idea is to introduce the concept of RWD (Responsive Web Design) that no doubt people have heard mentioned since it’s becoming the “web 2.0” of buzz words in 2012. The talk would aim to knock away the buzzword and focus on responsibly adopting RWD techniques. This includes talking about it’s origin, how it differentiates from the idea of mobile websites we’ve seen in the past, and the importance of adapting this technique in your next project to avoid being left in the dust as mobile usage overtakes desktop.

Bringing yourself and your colleagues to the digital learning age.   Mathieu Plourde
This session is intended to be a discussion on helping with broader adoption of web 2.0 and social media tools in your organization, for lifelong learning as well as enhanced collaboration. Although the presenter’s focus is on higher education, anyone interested in becoming “Net Smart” (as Howard Rheingold puts it) is welcome come and share success stories (“analog practice makeovers”) and current challenges.

What the App.  Jody Raines
There are so many apps that can make life easier, whether its connecting with new content, learning about new sources, finding simpler ways to do things or connecting with others.   This session is geared at sharing new and best apps for iPhone and iPad that make social media, podcasting and marketing easier. The attendees will benefit by learning about apps they may not have tried before.

5 Mind-Blowing Steps to Soup Up Your LinkedIn Profile!  Donna Serdula

It’s time to embrace the new world out there–the ONLINE world—and put this powerful medium to work for you by shaping a strong digital identity.
You know that how you present yourself is integral to how people perceive you. In the 21st century, with billions of people logging on to the internet every day, your online presence is your digital introduction and first impression with the world.
Face it, prospective employers, clients, & partners are Googling you! Are they going to find something that sets you apart from the crowd?
It is not enough just to say you have a skill. You need to prove it with a digital footprint that showcases your accomplishments and achievements!
In this presentation, Donna Serdula, author of the book, LinkedIn Makeover, will take you though 5 mind blowing steps to soup up your presence on LinkedIn so you can find be found and present yourself in a way that is irresistible!

‘The sonar of social’    Phil Campbell (virtual presentation)
including how is building a series of popup social media studios out of empty spaces and also getting ready for nottingham city to go gigabit connected.

SEO for 2013 and Beyond  Chris Phillips
With all of the search engine algorithm changes, SEO as a solution has changed. Cleaning up code, building links and incorporating keywords within copy is no longer enough. Search engine optimization must be considered and fully integrated with your other business and long term marketing efforts. Learn how to utilize SEO tactics for the future that will survive Panda & Penguin updates.

Unlocking Your Competitor’s Digital Strategy Justin Freid
This session will dive deep into some great tactics to figuring out your competitors digital marketing strategy. From the best free and paid tools to use to other tricks such as reviewing URL string of paid search ads to figure out your competitor’s paid search account structure.
I recently wrote a post for Search Engine Watch on this subject: